A Recap On Energy Practice

Whatever stage in spiritual progression, the cultivation of the energy realm is the all important key. You begin by acquiring positive awareness of energy, followed by your attainment of marshaling your thoughts to move the energy first inside your body, and next outside your body. As you progress you can manage the energy with your … Continue reading A Recap On Energy Practice

Thought Process And Spirituality

    I ponder over the subject of thought process. In my recent article, I spoke about marshalling my thought process to control the flow of energy.     Medical science attributes the thinking process to biological nervous system, our brain, that functions as an integral part of our physical body. Does it mean that … Continue reading Thought Process And Spirituality

The Benefits Of Meditation Revisit

The Benefits of Meditation Revisit. Stilling the mind (静)is a process, Concentration and Single-mindedness are transitional objectives, and Awareness is the final attainment. In the process, we gain ancillary benefits of mental alertness, mental stamina and mental agility, critical judgement, and slow down the aging process of senility. There have been research reports that some … Continue reading The Benefits Of Meditation Revisit

My personal experience in using Meteorite Stones

        Moldavite raw and ring. Among the  meteorite stones I have been using, I find Moldavite suit me best .  It is fast reacting,  overpowering in vibration frequency,  and giving off an internal body heat.  I consider it as an internal combustion helping me to ease off those energy blockage in my … Continue reading My personal experience in using Meteorite Stones

Children Ghost Stories

Psychic Tavern

I have been approached by parents on the suspected encounter of their kids with the out-of-the-world entities or spirits. I used to tell them that their children were special, and they would cease having these visitations as they grew older.

I append below real-life stories related to those psychic encounters by children : –

(1) A Ghost Playmate – Some 15 or more years ago, one of the friends of my students who attendedmy meditation and qigong classes approached me for help in dealing with some haunting at her house. She told me her five-year-old daughter behaved strangely, always laughing and talking to some unseen beings. I introduced her to my Master Guru Bernard who went there to do a Puja (Hindu religious ceremony) to cleanse her house of the negative spirits. The rituals performed worked for a brief period, and she came back to me for help as her…

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My Ebook – Metaphysical Journey Into the Unknown

My Book which was for sale on Amazon entitled: Metaphysical Journey Into The Unknown. It is my memoirs encapsulating the 30 years of my life learning and practicing the metaphysics with the side stories about my experience with the out-of-the-world spirits.  If you like the book,  would greatly appreciate it if you could make a … Continue reading My Ebook – Metaphysical Journey Into the Unknown

Sourcing of Quartz and Stones

I normally shy away from recommending vendors, but cannot resist highlighting this on-line rock seller. Inner Vision Crystals. They reminded me of another entity: Heaven & Earth, from which I sourced for my Moldavite pieces many years ago. And, the stone which they advertise - Brandberg Amethyst, also known as Vera Cruz Amethyst  an excellent stone … Continue reading Sourcing of Quartz and Stones