Waiting For A Master

It is always good to have the guidance of a Master, who may also be your mentor at the same time. But, my advice is not to let this self-imposed requirement delay you in your quest for spiritual development any further.  In the meantime, there are so much resources in this blog and people to whom you can turn to for advice.

In the realm of the spiritual, your Master shall come to you when you are least expecting it.  I read about the Akashi Records – the Heavenly Book of Universe Knowledge in Chinese -and I remember it is mentioned somewhere that when you are ready the Divine will arrange without your knowing for you to have access to the spiritual information.  And, it can come in many forms – the chanced encounter and conversation with someone,  reading an article,  watching TV or even having a dream.

In the meantime, while you await the arrival of a Master, it pays to devote some time to improving your receptiveness to spiritual sensitivity by meditating and reading wisely about the subject matters.   When the Master finally arrives, at least you have already done your homework and are at the level to best receive the knowledge and training.   I am not a Master, and I do not think I qualify as a Mentor either.  But, I can offer some useful advice.  I always mention that I am one of those locksmiths or key keepers who may happen to have some of the keys you need to open up the doors to the sacred knowledge.  So feel free to come and find out whether the keys are with me or someone else, and draw them for yourself.   Be bold in spirits not only to learn but unlearn.  Our baggage of the past – our ego and our pride and prejudices are hindrances in our learning process and we need to shed them if necessary.



By Anthony Leong

Mode of Worship

People used to ridicule why we pray to statues of Buddha since they are made of stones, wood and metals, all inanimate objects.  Isn’t it is a form of idol-worship?   I say no.  There are not many people who have the ability to communicate with the Buddha,  gods, and deities by tapping into their higher realms or dimensions.  So these statues become sort of medium through which   common people of lesser or nil psychic abilities can pray to and communicate with their Buddha and Bodhisattvas and the like, every day,   and so long as they are sincere, devoted and earnest in their prayers the holy energies and vibrations of their Buddha and Bodhisattva will descend upon the statues to bless them and answer their prayers.

And, my interpretation is that the one pointed to daily prayers and chanting is done with devotion and sincerity are akin to some form of meditative practice, with statues serving as their focusing point.  So, years later these commoners through these practices and rituals raise their vibration levels and succeed in reaching the higher realms of their Buddha and Bodhisattvas’.

Why do we burn joss sticks?  My reasoning is that by burning joss sticks, it symbolizes that the smokes generated would serve as vehicles to convey our thoughts to our favorite Buddha and Bodhisattvas.

Once, I asked a Hindu Avatar, Amma, why he took such a great effort and spent so much time doing the Puja since his goddesses Narayani were so powerful and omnipotent.   With a smile, he answered in a stoical manner that why must I cook the rice before I ate them.  He did not give me the answer but later I realized what he meant.

Buddha was asked why he did not convert and convince people into believing him by invoking his magical powers instead of painstakingly trying to teach Dharma under the Bodhi tree.    The answer is obvious; access to divine beings and attaining spirituality is never quick fixed processes or solutions.  One needs to have the patience, discipline and resolve to reach these goals.  Supposedly, people were converted because they were overawed by the magical powers of Buddha; what would happen if a powerful Demon were to come along and exhibit even greater supernatural powers?   People without the Dharma foundation would flock to worship the Demon instead.”


By Anthony Leong

Karma And Law of Gravity

Energy has different vibrations which scientifically are referred to as wavelengths and frequencies.   Base energy has more dense and lower vibration (longer wavelengths and lower frequencies), and they always sink to the bottom of the energy spectrum.

While good karma will bring about more refine energy,  vice versus bad karmic deeds will cause the energy to be denser and less refined.  Maybe that is one possible reason why hell is said to be the underworld and is below our earth,  though I interpret it as in the energy realm with the lower and base vibrations as compared against the upper spiritual realms.  That is the possible explanation of the law of gravity coming into play with regards to karma.

About Myself


When my teacher first taught me meditation,  he asked me not to waste my time if I just learned meditation for health’s sake.  He saw something special in me,  maybe my karmic link to a spiritual past.  He also asked whether I was prepared to accept Buddhism as it offered proper explanations to some of that unexplainable phenomenon I would be experiencing once I chose to be on the path.   To me, Buddhism is more a life philosophy rather than a religion per se.   Since then, I have been practicing Buddhism, though not a very devout one.  Once Shampa Rinpoche of the Karma Kagyud School chanced upon me and advised me to immerse more in Dharma teachings, something which I have not tried very hard.

I practice some Hindu methods and have great admiration for the ancient culture, but I am not a Hindu at heart, just borrowing some of their methods, quite similar to my involvement in some Taoist Qigong methods.  I am like a sponge that absorbs bits and pieces from all different schools.   Over the period of time, I have suspected that different schools have tried to beckon me into their fold, in their most subtle ways, and I have chosen not to commit myself to any as yet.

Like what I have said earlier, I have found appeal in the Buddhist universal philosophical outlook  –  such as the practice of compassion for all beings.   I have an obsessive passion to learn and to teach others.  It is like as if I am running short of time in this life.


Anthony Leong


What is Magic?

The word Magic has captivated people for centuries and being revered as miraculous and mysterious. I suppose Magic has been often been construed in the context that one must belong to some respectable and traditional institutions, or groups to be called a practitioner of magic.  Schools, Sects, and Religions organizations have been formed and perpetuated, each jealously guarding its Secrets of Magic at the exclusion of others.

Like it is fashionable to say one is Wiccan, a Pagan or a Wizard – some high priest or priestess or belonging to some ancient guilds.  If you tell them you are not affiliated to any one of these,  you are looked upon as a phony of sorts.  Stripped them to the basics, these institutionalized Secrets Of Magic are universal knowledge attainable by all, at the different level of understanding and attainment. There should be no proprietary rights to these sacred learning.

I do not buy the idea that some acclaimed high priest or priestess , or reputed monks, can keep on telling people how good they are with their incredible visionary and insightful powers, ability to see ghosts and gods, deities or guides and angels, but is unwilling to impart their knowledge or demonstrate that beyond dubious psychic claims he can actually manifest energy to teach liberally and to heal generously

In this era of New Age, there will be more and more individuals who have decidedly walked the path by their own. And, they might be facing mounting obstacles on their learning curve because they are not associated with any of these structured organizations or traditional schools and have no doors to turn to. Collectively, what I am trying to say we must not be too proud to hold each other hands and help each other to progress.  This is the spirit upon which  New Age movements  are moving on

I too can invoke energies, channel them for defensive and offensive purposes and perform some degree of remote healing but because I do not affiliate myself to any of these established religions, institutions or guilds, and like those many others in my category, we are regarded with skepticism/suspicions and kept away at the fringe.

Though I do not self-proclaimed that I  practice Magic per se,  but I am seriously involved with the other Ms : –

(1) Meditation and Meditation,

(2) Mind Focusing/Materialization of Thoughts

(3) Management/Manipulation of Mechanics of Energies.

By Anthony Leong

My Spiritual Pathway

The beginning of incarnation of spiritual beings trapped in physical bodies has its origin in some Buddhist texts.  There is even something mentioned in some ancient scriptures about alien beings with energy bodies that got themselves entangled in flesh and blood human forms as they developed material cravings on earth.

So for successive lives, we have been trying to evolve – to shed off our lower physical and energy bondage (collectively our physical,  emotions and lower mental bodies)  – by pursuing spirituality that would eventually lead us to rediscover our original light bodies.   Some have been going through the process by adherence to organized religions while some have decidedly preferred to go solo on their quests.  “All roads lead to Rome” and “Eighty-Four Thousand Paths All Lead To the Source.”-  the sayings go.  These are means to an end,  but the end does not necessarily have to justify the means.

I am essentially a freelance Buddhist not affiliated with any schools but practicing on my own.  I pray to Buddha and Bodhisattvas twice daily,  and I try to follow whatever little I know about the Dharma as closely as possible in my day to day life.  On the other hand,  I also uphold certain Confucian values, being a Chinese,  and practice some forms of Taoist meditations too.   There is indeed a movement in the East that incorporates the three mainstream schools – Confucian,  Buddhist and Taoist.  Meanwhile,   my western education background also pre-disposes me to Western Theosophical schools and New Age Movement – attuning my understanding of energy,  their scientific interpretations, and the use of psychic aids like crystal and mineral stones.

Life is an unending process of learning,  and it goes on even for successive incarnations.   Meanwhile,  I am open and receptive to all religions – individuals have their own rights to choose whichever path they want to follow,  and we should not only accommodate but also respect their choice and feel uninhibited in our interaction with them.

By Anthony Leong

Difference Between Being Psychic And Spiritual

In my opinion,  there is a difference between being psychic and spiritual.   A psychic has extraordinary abilities in clairvoyance, clairaudience,  mediumship, and divination.  But that does not necessarily make him more spiritual.

On the other hand, a truly spiritual person may or not have that  much psychic abilities.  He is one who is aware of his role to serve God and mankind,  and in the process,  he acquires wisdom,  humility and the selflessness of wanting to give and share unconditionally.     He transcends the emotions attached to greater “ Self” and “Ego”  that retard his spiritual developments;  he is not affected by negative emotions of apathy,  deceit,  ego,  envy, and conceit anymore..  He learns to love not in a parochial personal sense from the sacral chakra but more from a universal perspective of the all-compassionate heart chakra.

I am still learning to be spiritual and I am not any more psychic than any other persons.  But I stand by a set of principles,  that whatever you practice you must be able to experience and substantiate it,  there should no wishy-washy claims or self-delusion.  For there are many charlatans,  who not only shun the hard work to harvest from their learning experience but also go around imposing themselves on others that they are some “Grandmasters”  or have supernatural abilities that others do not have.   I would only forgive those who do not have the original intention of misrepresenting themselves but suffer make-believed impressions that they have been  “gifted” with such abilities..   Maybe,  it is wrong for me to have these negative sentiments,  and a false sense of “self-righteousness”, and thereby expose myself to bad “karma”.  For,    I should be thankful that if not for them,  I would still be treading the same path of falsities or still lost in my make-believe  Supernatural  “world”. 

My wise friend told me:  “Do not despise the condemned criminal sentenced to death..  He is a “Bodhisattva”  because through his suffering the fate of being hanged, he not only pays a tragic price for his acts against humanity and society,   but he also teaches us and our children valuable lessons in life that if you do bad deeds you bear the consequences.

I was previously mocked by my friends for being superstitious.   In my moment of indignation,  I retorted to them:  “ if by calling me superstitious would make  you feel  far more intelligent than I am,  then you are at liberty to do so.”   People also ridiculed that I had succumbed to the ways of the demons  by practicing my brand of meditation,  and I told them: “Who are you to decide whether your way or my way is demonic;  by so doing are you sure you are no better than the demons themselves?.”


Anthony Leong