Love The Darkness

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We are being told to be happy, raise your vibration, look to the light, but none of this will be lasting until you have loved the dark. In meditation you close your eyes, turn inwards to look at the mind’s eye and seek comfort and solace in the sea of darkness.


The Taoist classic on meditation says that when you assiduously “guard the Darkness” one day you would be rewarded with a golden light that enters through your Brow Chakra and illuminate your whole body.


By Anthony Leong

A Reader”s Response On my Post Shamanism And The Elements

An interesting response from a reader of my blog Psychictavern to my recent article on…/on-shamanism-and-the…/

From emergingfromthedarknightAustralia

“The religious naturalist is provisioned with tales of natural emergence that are, to my mind, far more magical than traditional miracles. Emergence is inherent in everything that is alive, allowing our yearning for supernatural miracles to be subsumed by our joy in the countless miracles that surround us.

” Ursula Goodenough” – How to describe oneself? People are a mystery and there is so much more to us than just our particular experiences or occupations. I could write down a list of attributes and they still might not paint a complete picture p.

” Deborah Louise” and in any case it would not be the full truth of me.

I would say that my purpose here on WordPress is to express some of my random experiences, thoughts and feelings, to share about my particular journey and explore some subjects dear to my heart, such as emotional recovery, healing and astrology while posting up some of the prose/poems which are an outgrowth of my labors with life, love and relationships. If anything I write touches you I would be so pleased to hear for the purpose of reaching out and expressing ourselves is hopefully to connect with each other and find where our souls meet.

On Shamanism and the Worship of the Elements

Ever since men roamed the earth, they were overawed by the omnipotence of the elements – fire, water, winds and sun etc, that were inextricably interwoven in their survival and day to day living. The fear of the unknown caused them to worship the elements to plead for peace and co-existence, or enhance their livelihood in farming, fishing and hunting.


The modern civilizations thereafter scoff at their practice and ridicule it as animism. But the practice remains until today in some communities the world over, and the adepts who could connect and communicate with the elements are known as Shamans.


My Master cum close friend jokingly told me that the elements are like police constables who are first to arrive at the scene and render assistance, while the Supremo like their commanders, the like of Buddha, God and Deities are the last to attend to your calling as they have more than their hands full in looking after the grand scheme of things. Bernard was a career police officer before he became a full-time Guru. You are referring to “commanders” in the context of my police men and their OC. The policemen are akin to elements, and the commanders the God, Buddha, Allah and high spiritual entities.



Come to think of it, the elements are in a manner of speaking living organism in energy vibration forms with all the atoms and molecules, according to modern Science. What makes us think they as a collective groups do not have the intelligence, awareness and consciousness that human beings possess. In the realm of religions, we attribute such human related abilities to our Gods, Buddha and Deities.


And, I personally and strongly feel they are not mutually exclusive, but complementary. I am toying with an idea and let my imagination runs wild that the elements in their energy form could muster their abilities by say re-arranging their molecular structure and manifest in human forms. Throughout history of mankind, pictorial representation of the elements had been recorded, and I think this is no coincidence. Just like God is personified in human form in religions. Below is a sculpture of Thor the Thunder God.

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I have a picture of the Sun God worshipped by cave dwellers in the Kunlun Mountains in China some 10,000 years ago. Isn’t it a close resemblance to the Sun Buddha – Maha Vairocana .


On Shamanic Practice In Modern Days.

I have been taught some Shamanic practice of invoking the elements.


In my invocation of the elements, in Hindu practice, I chant a specific mantra, call out and pay tribute to the Maha-Deva of the Earth, Fire, Rain, Sea, Stars, Moon, Sun, Mountains, Forest, Trees and Wind to connect to their energies.


In the Taoist fashion, I chant the “Five Thunder ” mantra and plead with 1. Wind, Rain Thunder and Light, 2. Stars, Moon and Sun, 3. Mountains, Rivers and Lake, 4. The 5 elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, and the 5. Buddhism concept Nature – Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Ether.


On normal days, whenever I have the opportunity I try to communicate with the elements and feel their vibrations like enjoying the brush of wind, drops of rain, be in the proximity of forest and trees, connect to earth, and brave the heat of fire. My most invigorating experience was when I toured Tibet, I took the chance to literary breathe in the mountains and visualize myself transforming into oneness with them.


I apply the rituals more for consecrating objects and cleansing of houses of negativity.


And, after the invocation I could sense the overall uplift of overpowering and positive energy. If we are in harmony with the Great Nature, the elements will bring us solace and help us in our pleas for help. They are in a way all our friends.


It is my opinion, the level of attainment of invoking the elements come with constant life long practice, maybe over a few incarnations. I am only a novice trespassing into the metaphysical threshold connected with the grand scheme of the universe and have aplenty to learn before I can consider myself as a Master.


By Anthony Leong

A Recap On Energy Practice

Whatever stage in spiritual progression, the cultivation of the energy realm is the all important key.

You begin by acquiring positive awareness of energy, followed by your attainment of marshaling your thoughts to move the energy first inside your body, and next outside your body.

As you progress you can manage the energy with your thoughts even at remote level. Alongside, your thinking also changes and you begin to experience and see things in different light and perspective.

Slowly, you realize that you have the heightened sense of awareness and all knowing, New information and knowledge seem to fall on your lap when least expected.

The process is more complicated and it is simplified for easy understanding. My life long aspiration is to simplify and demystify abstract subject like metaphysics and spirituality so that we embark on our respective path on better footing.

Thought Process And Spirituality


Image result for thought process and metaphysical


I ponder over the subject of thought process. In my recent article, I spoke about marshalling my thought process to control the flow of energy.
Medical science attributes the thinking process to biological nervous system, our brain, that functions as an integral part of our physical body. Does it mean that when a person dies, and his physical body ceases to function and eventually disintegrated, the brain and the thought process also stop working? I use the term thinking process and thought process interchangeably, but concede that thinking process is in active state while thought process is more a recollection of the former.
I move on to the dream stage, lucid dreaming and the dreamscapes , does the thought process, along with the sensory abilities, also function in tandem with the mandatory biological nervous system? Personally, my experience in the dreamscape is so real, with the full complement of all the five sensory abilities vividly at work as if real life experience. It makes me doubtful if they are governed by biological nervous system. Though, the hard sciences still can argue that dreaming is part of our biological functions.
What about those individuals who went through Near Death Experience (NLD) when their biological body and the nervous system were reported non-functioning? How to account for their recollection of their NLD experience when they were revived? If their thinking process, or thoughts, are still active, how to reconcile this phenomenon with the disruption of physical life?
What I am driving at is the thought process could be an independent function not necessarily governed by the biological nervous system that dies along with the physical body. This is my feeble attempt to explain how remote, or cross dimensional, viewing, and healing, could be carried out without the physical body, or the physical brain.
If you believe in ghosts, spirits and deva, how do they think and possibly communicate, if they are in energy forms? How about the higher spiritual forms – the Gods, the Buddhas and the Angels, all of which I consider as energy form of highest vibration frequency?
In Chinese folk lore, demons could through years of exposure to the essence of moon and sun, attain metaphysic powers, along with the ability to think and even communicate. How do lower life forms like animal and plants, and even inanimate bodies eventually acquire energy bodies that could think and communicate like human beings, if you believe in these legendary stories.


Anthony Leong

The Benefits Of Meditation Revisit

The Benefits of Meditation Revisit. Stilling the mind (静)is a process, Concentration and Single-mindedness are transitional objectives, and Awareness is the final attainment. In the process, we gain ancillary benefits of mental alertness, mental stamina and mental agility, critical judgement, and slow down the aging process of senility.


There have been research reports that some successful CEO in the States practice meditation on a regular basis. And, meditation has another unique advantage of improving one’s lateral thinking and intuitive abilities. In the words of some successful CEOs, the meditative practice has helped them sometimes using their gut feel to spotlight the right answers after antagonizing over multiple business proposals and voluminous data.


Physically, you learn to handle stress better, not to succumb to emotions and maybe helpful in keeping at bay stress related sickness like hypertension, heart attacks, strokes and even cancer. And, in some instances, prolonged meditation would smoothen your complexion, giving you the glowing luster on your face and slow down the process of aging.


And lastly, one should not be too obsessed with gaining the arrays of psychic abilities or spiritual powers from Meditation. Many people give up meditation because they are too impatient to see these results. Psychic abilities would come naturally when you are least expected.


By Anthony Leong

My personal experience in using Meteorite Stones



Moldavite raw and ring.

Among the  meteorite stones I have been using, I find Moldavite suit me best .  It is fast reacting,  overpowering in vibration frequency,  and giving off an internal body heat.  I consider it as an internal combustion helping me to ease off those energy blockage in my body.  It is an excellent stone for visualization and manifesting.   My prized possession has always been a ring set with a moldavite gemstone and with some small diamonds to turbo charge the power of the stone. 

Libyan Glass


A close sibling to moldavite is the Libyan Glass, with colour almost identical to  peridot.  It is less responsive than Moldavite but once you activate it ,  it emits the overpowering vibration similar to Moldavite. 






The inexpensive tektite has multiple uses for me.  I use the raw pieces to make my elixir spray – which is highly protective and  cleanse away negative.  When I perform energy blessing on individuals,  I use it to spray over their aura as the first round of cleansing.  I also scatter pieces of raw textile at corners of the house that has suspected haunting, or saturated with heavy negative energy.   I also have talisman in the image of the Earth Store Bodhisattva, or the legendary Chinese Ghost Buster Deity Zhong Kui,  made of tektite  and give them to my friends to hang from the rear mirror of their cars for protection.



Nickel Meteorite Ring              Vajra carved from iron meteorite.

The most expensive meterorite is the iron or nickel meterorite.  The silvery specie are rare and fetch an exorbitant price.  The cheaper version is those that are found mostly in China, and South East Asia,  and they are darker in color.  I do not find them suitable for my purpose as they are heavier and denser in vibration,  probably because of the metallic content.  I am familiar with the energy vibration of the 5 elements – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth,  and among them Metal and Earth seem to have the heaviest and densest vibration.  I have the premium nickel meteorite in rings and pendants  carved in the image of the Star of David,  and other deities such as the Elephant God.  The cheaper specie, darken in colour, are commonly used to fashion into artifacts of the Tibetan Bodhisattva – the Purba, and the Vajra.

For the meteorites,  I need to consecrate them to cleanse and strengthen them before use. 

Meteorites are recommended for those psychics who wish to progress faster in their path.  For ordinary people,  they are good options for protection. 


By Anthony Leong

My Ebook – Metaphysical Journey Into the Unknown

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By Anthony Leong